At present, approximately 516 families own private residences at Alpine Lake.  Of those homes, about 30% serve as full-time residences.  Others are occupied on a seasonal or vacation basis and some are rented to visitors by their owners.  The great value of Alpine Lake living is now more widely recognized and interest in new homes is increasing.

Alpine Lake includes about 2,300 separate lots.  Lots are privately owned and are listed for resale with various local realtors.

In addition to Preston County property taxes, property owners pay annual assessments to the Association for maintenance and operation of the extensive common facilities.  Homeowners also pay utility fees directly to the Alpine Lake Public Utilities Corporation, which operates both waste disposal and water facilities.


A Board of Directors consisting of seven property owners direct the Alpine Lake Property Owners Association, which governs the community.  These directors serve without compensation for terms of three years and are elected (to staggered terms) annually.  All property owners in good standing (all assessments paid-up) are entitled to one vote for each lot owned.  Day-to-day operation of Alpine Lake is under the supervision of a general manager who is employed by and reports directly to the Board of Directors.  Various volunteer committees serve to assist and advise the Board of Directors and management.

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